Learning to Grow
Growing to Learn

Every child is special, with unique combinations of abilities and needs that affect learning. All children deserve the opportunity to learn in ways that make the most of their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. ‘Learning by doing’ is the objective of fundemic books. Our Kindergarten program prepares the children for future school experience and provides basic foundation towards life-long learning experiences. Children learn to explore, observe and visualise. Their creative thinking and critical thinking improves, they learn to take independent decisions .The books provide tools and resources for early childhood education. The fundemic books equip the children in Kindergarten to face Primary school education with greater confidence and competence.

Student Learning Materials

Course Books
Colouring Activity Book
Practice Books
Art, Craft & Stickering Book
Activity Books
Apron - Craft Material, Puppet sheets

Multimedia E-Learning

Animated Lessons
Sing Along Rhymes
On-site Digital installation & services.

Teaching Aids & Materials

Teacher’s hand book.
Teaching Aids & Craft Materials.
Lesson plans for Academic year.

School Support Services

  • Observation report of teaching-learning process.
    Observing the teaching skills and mentoring teachers to improve their skills.
    Guidance for the implementation of Kindergarten curriculum.

Teacher Training Workshop

Orientation on implementation of the curriculum.
Training on usage of Digital content.


Assessment sheets for Academic year.

Seperate Assessment folders for student.

Interactive 3D-Activation for teaching.